8 Silk Pillowcase Advantages for Hair

The listing of silk pillowcase advantages does not finish at only a extra luxurious wanting mattress, there’s a number of hair, pores and skin, and well being execs to choosing this wonderful magnificence software. You already spend ⅓ of your life in your pillow so why should not or not it’s thought-about a cornerstone of your magnificence routine?

However, purchaser beware: you will not get all these magnificence advantages except you get the actual deal of silk pillowcases. Which means no satin and no material blends, simply pure, excessive grade woven silk. Undecided the place to start out? Here is what to search for:

20+ Momme: Like a thread depend, this silk grade is extra sturdy and better high quality. Momme ranges from 6-30, however 18-25 is hottest amongst silk merchandise.

100% Pure Mulberry: Centuries outdated and reparative for hair, that is the strongest, smoothest silk on the planet. Additionally, mulberry is customary to most high-end silk merchandise.

Charmeuse Weave: A friction-fighting weaving method that enables one facet of the silk material to be silkier, smoother, and softer. The opposite facet of the silk (much less clean facet) is on the within of the pillow, unused on hair.

Grade A6: Silk is graded on a scale of A-C and 1-6; grade A being the very best and any quantity shut to six being the best high quality.

To see how all these parts care on your hair greater than different silk pillowcases, learn on beneath. Prepared to buy as an alternative? Uncover The Pillowcase HERE.

Much less Breakage

It is no shock, some of the noticeable silk pillowcase advantages is much less breakage to your hair. Silk, whenever you buy larger grade pure mulberry silk, is exceptionally clean so there’s an enormous lower in friction to hair when you’re sleeping. Mulberry silk is the strongest, smoothest, and oldest silk on earth which supplies it this distinctive property. You’ll want to search for pure mulberry and never blends together with a excessive momme depend (20+) and a smoothing weave method (charmeuse weave) when you’re searching for even much less breakage.

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Much less Frizzing

One of many essential causes of hair frizzing is dryness; mix that with the friction from a cotton pillowcase and also you’re certain to get a ton of undesirable frizz when you sleep! Silk pillowcases, particularly these with a smoother weave, cut back frizzing as a result of they do not take in moisture as drastically as cotton or satin or trigger as a lot friction.

woman holding silk pillowcase benefitting from increased shine to hairStore The Pillowcase

Moisturised and Conditioned Hair

For these of you who love a hair masks (or a multi-step moisturising skincare routine), you may need to change to a silk pillowcase for this profit particularly: pure silk fibers will assist your hair and pores and skin retain extra moisture! Not like cotton and artificial satin, silk pillowcases repel moisture extra successfully so they do not absorb the hydration in your hair and pores and skin permitting you keep it.

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Elevated Shine

One typically surprising silk pillowcase profit is shinier hair! Uninteresting hair could be brought on by dryness, tangling, and simply everyday harm that happens from styling instruments. Sleeping on silk removes not less than 8 hours of that harm as a result of there’s considerably much less splitting occurring on the hair fiber. Much more surprising, pure silk comprises a posh amino acid mix that helps hold hair and pores and skin conditioned too.

Hypoallergenic and Anti-Bacterial

You will not want to clean your pillowcase (or your hair!) as typically with a silk pillowcase. If you happen to’re in a position to get a pillowcase with 100% pure mulberry silk, this fiber has a novel naturally-occuring coating referred to as sericin that enables it to be antibacterial, antifungal, and proof against mud mites and mildew! Which means it is also hypoallergenic and will not irritate your scalp or face. Plus, hair and pores and skin profit from rather a lot much less oil-causing micro organism on a material you spend 8+ hours a day on!

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Much less Tangles

Even when you sleep with a protecting sleep coiffure, tangles could be inevitable to child hairs or ends so be at liberty so as to add much less knotting to the listing of silk pillowcase advantages. A smoother charmeuse weave decreases friction higher than different silk pillowcases, particularly when paired with 100% pure Mulberry silk!

two women holding silk pillowcases by sitting pretty
Store The Pillowcase

A Cooler Sleep

Love the cool facet of the pillow? So does your hair! Hair already will get sufficient warmth from damaging UV rays and heated styling instruments, so choosing a cooler and dryer silk pillowcase advantages hair drastically! You possibly can thank silk’s naturally breathable and moisture-repelling properties to not warmth up and maintain warmth the best way different materials do.

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All of the Identical Advantages for Pores and skin

We love caring for hair, but when there is a win for our skincare routines, we’ll fortunately take it too! Together with decreased friction, conditioning properties, and only a manner luxer sleeping routine, silk pillowcases supply wonderful take care of pores and skin too.

Much less Wrinkles

If you happen to’re a facet or abdomen sleeper, your face is certainly pressed up in opposition to your fairly pillow. And when you’re there all night time, you are certain to get up with some traces and wrinkles. Multiply that by each single hour you sleep in your life and… yeah. Use a silk pillowcase with charmeuse weave to stop tremendous traces and wrinkles because it’s gentler than different weaving methods.

Much less Pimples

Like we noticed with silk pillowcase’s advantages to hair, its naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties will not trigger pimples on face pores and skin both. And since it does not get as sizzling or take in moisture as a lot as different materials, you may create much less sweat too.


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