DIY Gothic Appeal College Palette with Deadly Cosmetics

Good day, stunning creatures! As we speak’s video is a store my stash DIY Gothic Appeal College palette. When my Goth auntie, Jillian from Gothic Appeal College, was lamenting about not with the ability to discover her good eyeshadow palette, I requested her what colours made up her dream palette. This video exhibits you every particular person eyeshadow swatched on my lids, comparability swatches, different alternatives, in addition to the ultimate eyeshadows that made the reduce!

The place to Purchase
Deadly Cosmetics, Digicam Prepared Cosmetics, Terra Moons Cosmetics, Necromancy Cosmetica

Every little thing bought by me as a result of I like real indie make-up manufacturers.

Who’s Gothic Appeal College?

For these of you who don’t know Jillian, I’m shocked! She runs the Gothic Appeal College weblog, has printed the ebook Gothic Appeal College, and has been a determine of the gothic group for a really very long time. I swear I bumped into her throughout my Livejournal days. She wrote an superior ebook, Gothic Appeal College, too!

DIY Gothic Appeal College Palette Video

Please watch the video on YouTube for Closed Captioning in English!

There are various fabulous swatches included on this video, I hope you take pleasure in them!

DIY Gothic Appeal College Check Swatches

These swatches on my very reasonable impartial to chill yellow undertone (which turns olive when uncovered to solar) had been the place to begin for the DIY palette.

Lethal Cosmetics Indie Makeup Eyeshadow Swatches on fair skin

Vegan Indie Makeup Lethal Cosmetics Eyeshadow Swatches


  • Arsenic – Attract
  • Moonbeam – Parsec
  • Unearthed – Twilight
  • Lithophyte – Nox
  • Circadian – Terrasphere
  • Dahlia – Cascade
  • Nightcall – Unity
  • Midnight – Blood Moon

Dusty Pink Eyeshadow Search

The seek for an eyeshadow single the identical hue as Wilted Roses was very difficult!

About Face Matte Fluid Eye Paint in Dionysus swatched on Cordelia's eye
About Face Dionysus – an try at a dusty cool pink

Cool toned dusty pink, salmon, lilac and taupe eyeshadow swatches on fair skin

Swatches so as from high to backside:

  • About Face Dionysus – mushy orchid matte
  • Necromancy Cosmetics Wilted Roses – dusty mauve pink matte
  • Sydney Grace Co Haven – mild heat matte lavender
  • Deadly Remission – pastel peach matte
  • Lime Crime Dreamy (Venus III) – dusty mauve matte
  • Lime Crime Goddess (Venus XL) – dusty rose matte
  • Natasha Denona Tungsten (Triochrome) – muted wine matte
  • Natasha Denona Naga (Triochrome)- lilac matte
  • Natasha Denona Garmon (Triochrome)- rosy brown matte
  • Natasha Denona Redox (Triochrome) – purple-toned gray matte
  • Stila Bust a Mauve Suede Shade Liquid Eyeshadow – deep mauve
  • Stila Sassy Suede Shade Liquid Eyeshadow – nude pink

DIY Gothic Appeal College Palette Inside

a DIY vegan indie cruelty-free eyeshadow palette in Gothic Charm School colors

The eyeshadows are listed under from high to backside. I used the reflection within the mirror to seize among the iridescent multichrome shifts.

  • First Row – Moonbeam, Unearthed, Lithophyte
  • Second Row – Arsenic, Attract, Parsec
  • Third Row – Terra Moons Blood Moon, Midnight, Dahlia
  • Fourth Row – Unity, Cascade

Additionally in my mermaid palette, however not a part of Gothic Appeal College:

Gothic Appeal College Palette Finalized Swatches

DIY Gothic Charm School Palette swatches on fair skin

From high to backside:

  • Deadly Moonbeam – impartial ivory matte
  • Deadly Unearthed – mild gray beige taupe matte
  • Deadly Lithophyte – muted deep taupe with purple undertone matte
  • Deadly Arsenic – iridescent white with pink shift
  • Deadly Attract – multichrome champagne to green-gold to purple
  • Deadly Parsec – metallic multichrome pink to gold to turquoise to lilac
  • Terra Moons Blood Moon – satiny black multichrome that shifts from purple to plum to orange to gold (an identical coloration is Deadly Darkish Matter)
  • Deadly Midnight – deep purple matte
  • Deadly Dahlia– orchid matte
  • Deadly Unity – deep grape matte that I describe as wine matte
  • Deadly Cascade – cool toned pomegranate purple matte

Honorable Point out:

DIY Gothic Appeal College Eye Swatches

I don’t usually swatch every particular person eyeshadow on my lid for a palette, however this one is particular! My eyes had been sore for just a few days afterwards. It sucks to have delicate pores and skin however this was value it for me! This complete course of was a labor of affection. You will notice my eye swatches in movement within the video as properly.

Lethal Moonbeam eye swatch
Deadly Moonbeam eye swatch
Lethal Unearthed eye swatch
Deadly Unearthed eye swatch
Lethal Lithotype eye swatch
Deadly Lithotype eye swatch
Lethal Arsenic eye swatch
Deadly Arsenic eye swatch
Lethal Allure eye swatch
Deadly Attract eye swatch
Lethal Parsec eye swatch
Deadly Parsec eye swatch
Terra Moons Blood Moon eye swatch
Terra Moons Blood Moon eye swatch
Lethal Midnight eye swatch
Deadly Unity eye swatch
Lethal Dahlia eye swatch
Deadly Dahlia swatch
Lethal Unity eye swatch
Deadly Unity eye swatch
Lethal Cascade eye swatch
Deadly Cascade eye swatch


How did I DIY this palette?

Initially Jillian mentioned, an ivory, cool-toned taupe, cool-toned blackened plum, cool-toned pomegranate, and a pink/purple duochrome. I advised her I might assist her construct her good DIY Gothic Appeal College palette with indie eyeshadow singles and that I’d store my stash to assist her discover it. We went backwards and forwards with totally different units of eyeshadow swatches, primarily Deadly Cosmetics and Terra Moons Cosmetics.

My first try to seek out her favorites included: Fahrenheit, Cascade, Frantic, Unity, Midnight, Nightcall, Echo, Arsenic, Calcination, and Unearthed. The second set helped us to hone in on extra choices and included some duochromes and multichromes as a result of I couldn’t assist myself – Arsenic, Attract, Moonbeam, Parsec, Unearthed, Twilight, Lithophyte, Nox, Circadian, Terrasphere, Dahlia, Cascade, Nightcall, Unity, Midnight, Blood Moon. Terrasphere and Blood Moon are by Terra Moons Cosmetics, all the things else is by Deadly Cosmetics.

From that set, Jillian mentioned she beloved: Arsenic, Attract, Moonbeam, Unearthed, Lithophyte, Dahlia, Unity, Bloodmoon. Her maybes grew to become: Parsec, Terrasphere, Midnight. We mentioned Circadian, because it’s the colour of my main bedroom and likewise a coloration Jillian loves, nevertheless it didn’t make the reduce for her palette. Cascade and Parsec grew to become enthusiastic Yeses!

The Hardest Coloration – Dusty Pink

The one coloration left at this level was a single dupe for the Necromancy Cosmetica Gothic Romance palette coloration, Wilted Roses. Jillian wished a pale cool pink, so I scoured my eyeshadow assortment for the same shade.

About Face Dionysus is a lifeless on dupe to my eyes for the colour. Different colours I discovered that had been related however not actual had been Sydney Grace Haven. From my assortment, Natasha Denona Tungsten, About Face Dionysus, and Stila Bust a Mauve look the closest. I feel Sydney Grace Haven and Lime Crime Dreamy additionally look very nice.

From my eyeshadow palettes, the Natasha Denona Triochome palette shade Tungsten and Lime crime Venus III Dreamy are each related. Jillian didn’t take care of any of those, so we skipped it.

I do wish to give Necromancy Cosmetica a shout out for his or her beautiful Gothic Romance palette because it has a unique kind issue so far as palettes in my assortment go, and such beautiful colours.

There have been two attainable Deadly Cosmetics pink mattes that I didn’t personal that may presumably be the suitable hue for Jillian – Crossroads or Onset.

One different factor I spotted whereas looking for the Wilted Roses single, The Natasha Denona Triochromes palette has a number of mattes that give me Soften She’s in Events vibes – Tungsten, Naga, Garmon and Redox are sort of in that household to my eyes.

Additionally, Deadly Cosmetics has a coloration similar to Terra Moons Blood Moon, it’s known as Darkish Matter. So you possibly can recreate this whole palette with Deadly Cosmetics if you happen to need.

The way to Use the Palette

DIY Gothic Charm School Vegan Cruelty-Free Indie Makeup Eyeshadow Palette
Get your iridescent mermaid eyeshadow palette right here!

There are a number of methods to create eyeshadow combos with this palette. You are able to do simple monochromatic 2 toned seems to be with such duos as Unearthed & Lithophyte, Cascade & Unity, Dahlia & Midnight. Neutrals with a twist with Attract, Unearthed and Lithophyte. Crimson combos with Parsec, Cascade and Unity or Parsec, Cascade and Blood Moon, or Arsenic, Cascade and Unity. Purple seems to be shall be enjoyable with Parsec, Dahlia and Midnight, or Attract, Lithotype and Midnight.

What kind of store my stash or diy palettes would you prefer to see sooner or later?


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