I Had My Boyfriend Shut His Eyes and Scent This Candle And He Knew Precisely What It Was

Hey there. My identify is Isabella and I’m a candle addict and hoarder! I’ve gotten my dependancy considerably underneath management as of late however I can’t resist a very good candle when the Fall and Winter climate units in. Lighting up a scrumptious candle and having your whole house scent stunning is one among life’s best joys. It makes issues really feel so cozy, doesn’t it?

I’m a reasonably unhappy, obsessed candle hoarder although. I’ve many. I imply, MANY candles. It’s a little bit ridiculous.

However that’s a subject for an additional day…at present we embrace my dependancy head on and I share with you the candle that my boyfriend really likes.

So, my boyfriend adores taking the piss out of all many, many little addictions and obsessions. Actually, I believe this man stays with me as a result of I amuse and entertain him day by day with my utter stupidity with regards to gathering this, that, and the opposite factor. My Rae Dunn dependancy at all times turns into, “Hey bells! Do we want a mug that claims DRINK on it? Is DRINK written on it so we bear in mind what the operate of the mug is?” My make-up assortment leads to, “Wouldn’t it’s cool if you happen to had been like Zaphod Beeblebrox and also you had two heads?! You’d completely be capable of use all these items up sooner!” It’s at all times some fantastical smart-ass comment that he is aware of I’ll snicker at.

Candles are def an dependancy. He loves the candle dependancy for positive and ALWAYS, might the satan love his soul for it, leans down and smells a candle after I ask him, “Doesn’t this scent unbelievable?! What does it scent like?” and he’ll smirk, inform me it smells superb and provides me a query reply like, “apples?” with a shrug. When in actual fact it’s clearly caramel apples with notes of caramel, crunchy inexperienced apple, cinnamon, sugar, spice, and all the pieces good. I imply actually, how ya gonna reply simply “apples?!” It’s a posh candle!

Now to present you additional info he’s additionally Captain Superior that jogs two miles day by day and has the “my physique is my temple” mentality occurring. Ugh…

However he has his downfalls one among which is Fruit Loops Cereal. He received’t eat it actually because “I can’t consider they put this a lot sugar in a child’s cereal!” However you’ll catch him sneak a bowl in infrequently.

I just lately bought the Sunday Morning Cereal Candle Duo from qvc.com on sale. I couldn’t resist. It was $33 for 2 enormous candles that smelled like Fruit Loops! I sincerely urge you to go purchase this set NOW! Instantly! It smells absurdly good. It brings again Saturday morning and sitting in entrance of the TV watching cartoons and consuming a bowl of cereal with chilly milk! It’s a really sensible scent with the Fruit Loops notes of lime, orange, grape, lemon and cherry. Bathtub and Physique Works did hand cleaning soap and a candle like this as properly however I’ve to say I loved the Homeworx yet one more! The scent appears to be stronger and lingers within the air properly after I’ve blown out the flame!

Anyway, after I bought it, I, after all, strolled into his workplace and mentioned instructed him, “SMELL THIS!” He instantly knew what it smelled like. I didn’t get the query mark on the finish this time. It was “WHOA FRUIT LOOPS! COOL!” Ha! Lastly, a legitimate response.

It’s a keeper.

You want it.

And that’s my candle story of the day!


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