You Get 60 Seconds for Make-up: What Do You Do?

Mascara, please!

Do you swipe on blush? Brush up your brows? I’m curious to listen to what you’ll do for those who have been completely pressed for time.

I used to know a woman once I was doing theater who’s “fast and soiled” model of 60-second make-up was black liner on her water traces and a great deal of mascara. One other buddy of mine did a swipe of purple lipstick — and that was it! (She appeared incredible in it, by the best way.)

For me, it’s my lash roller and mascara, and the mascara has BRING IT. I’m speaking size, quantity, curl, the whole lot. Gimme all of the drama, please.

If there’s any additional time in that minute, then I’ll both 1) run a transparent forehead gel by my brows, or 2) mix cream blush onto my cheeks.

How about you? In case you had solely 60 seconds to do your make-up, what would you do?

Your pleasant neighborhood magnificence addict,


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